Drug Harm Reduction

In 1971, Richard Nixon declared drug abuse "public enemy number one" of the United States, and so launched the War on Drugs. The DEA was formed in 1973, and with it came mandatory prison sentences for non-violent drug-related crimes. It wasn't until the '80s when Ronald Reagan really buckled down on drugs, causing a surge in incarcerations, primarily targeting poor people and people of color. 


The War on Drugs still rages on today, though less public and with shifting dynamics. It is widely accepted that the tactics of punishment and stigmatization continue to fail in getting people to stop using drugs. In fact, studies show that they more than likely have the reverse effect, while also causing severe trauma to poor communities of color. The harm reduction movement came about in response to this crisis. 


Historically, harm reduction is a collection of public health and social practices that communities engage in to care for each other, intending to reduce the social and physical consequences of drug consumption, regardless of legality. The objective is to see where people stand on drug consumption and meet them there by treating them with compassion.

Our Mission

Rave Scout Cookies is committed to promoting harm reduction practices, and so for the past year, as one of our sociocultural initiatives, we have partnered with DanceSafe National to raise awareness over harm reduction and aid the organization in spreading their legacy to different communities and realms out of their collective reach.


Rave Scout Cookies and DanceSafe National acknowledge all aspects of rave culture, some of which could be hazardous. We do not condemn or condone, and we support rather than punish. We hope to provide an open and honest education about issues such as drug safety, mental and sexual health in a way that is accessible, professional, and fun.

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