Salman Jaberi 
Founder & Creative Director

Born and raised on the island of Bahrain, Salman moved to London for college at the age of sixteen. Salman began his journey within the electronic music scene after he slumped into a four-day time-warp hole, attending industrial warehouses and after-hours in East London when he coincidentally crossed paths with a flock of goth ravers after locking himself out of his apartment one morning. His professional involvement in the scene, however, began shortly after moving to the US in 2015. His passion and interest in dancefloor politics and purpose to make a change gradually came to light as he dived deep into the North American underground queer techno community.  

VISCERAL | Sister Platform

VISCERAL is Rave Scout Cookies' event-focused sister-platform based in Cambridge, MA. VISCERAL's forward-thinking approach to nightlife has been essential to the growth of the scene in Boston and beyond, collaborating with inspiring artists, collectives, and platforms from all around the world and defying conventional expectations of what a techno event should look and sound like. The intersection of music and visual arts has a social function that seeks to disrupt the dynamic between the artist, the music, and the audience. 

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